Fitting Information

Alteration Fittings

Minimum of 2 fittings - Fitting 1 to pin garment; fitting 2 to try on after completed alterations. Significant custom work being done could take up to 4 fittings.

Allow 1-2 weeks before event for simple alterations to be completed. For significant custom alterations please give at least 1-2 months notice.

Special Occasion Dresses: Wedding, Prom, Mother of Bride, etc.

Important for hems & bustles - Please bring exact heel height being worn with the dress to all fittings.

Important for side take in & bodice fit - Please wear exact or similar undergarments that will be worn with the dress to all fittings. Wearing a foundation piece or not will affect the fit of the garment on your body. If you are very blessed in the bust region I highly recommend a bustier!

Mensonique has a Built in bra option!  A great idea for those low back dresses!